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What are Kettlebells ?

From Russia, A kettlebell or Girya (гиря) is essentially a cast iron ball with a handle that comes in different sizes and weights.

They were first mentioned in 1704 in a Russian dictionary. It is said that back then, kettlebells were counterweights mainly used in markets for weighing purposes. Farmers started swinging and tossing them for fun and/or exercising.

Kettlebells then gained popularity with Russian strongmen then it began to spread to other parts of eastern Europe. Today kettlebells remain quite popular in Russia and in the eastern part of Europe and in the last decade, kettlebells popularity has grown and spread to other parts of the world.

Vinyl Kettlebells

 Color-coated, Vinyl Kettlebells are in a vinyl encasement and have a rubber, non-skid bottom. These kettlebells are ideal for a home environment.

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Pro Grade Kettlebells

Ergonomically designed, used by leading kettlebells athletes are
optimally designed for lifting. Pro-grade kettlebells are used by
professional kettlebells competitiors worldwide. Pro-Grade sizes are
symmetrical and all the same format from 8kgs to 40 kgs in increments of
2 kg.

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Clubbells (or “Indian Clubs”) have been used since the dawn of time. Building full body strength, endurance and grip  strength while keeping the ability to move efficiently turns these ancient exercise tools into the ideal choice.With a severely displaced center of mass, their shape gives the body an sizeable leveraging challenge which in turn helps generate positive neurological force production that increases nerve strength without the need to resort to heavier weights.
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