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Systema Hong Kong - Sonny Puzikas Private class 13-12-2012 (22)

Women and Systema?

The best way to defend against men? Train with them!

Self Defense matters: When your safety is on the line, defending yourself by fighting back is the most ethical decision you can make.

Any ordinary criminal mind already has problems but psychologically speaking, rapists can be much worse. They have different goals and are usually mentally and emotionally disturbed and their reactions are unlike normal people.

Self defense is a key point because statistics show that all women are good candidates to become victims of violent crime at any point in their lives.

Don’t take our word…let the numbers tell the tale:

How many girls get sexually assaulted before age 18?

  • Numbers vary, but it is close to 25%!
  • In some parts of the world, many such incidents are not reported so this number is probably higher.
  • Approximately 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim (husband, boyfriend, ex, friend or acquaintance).
  • 97% of rapists will never see a jail cell


What Systema training offers women::

MOST IMPORTANT: In our classes we don’t push students to become super athletes so they can defend themselves.

Our classes show you how to save yourself using capabilities you already have.

You’ll learn to work with fear, to evaluate a situation, to overcome shock, to develop mobility and free movement as well as develop the feeling of distance and timing.

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How can Systema training help you be safer?

Systema should be your choice for several reasons:

Systema’s unique features, such as natural movements and clearly seeing one’s own strengths and weaknesses, allow women to fit in quickly even if they are completely unfamiliar with fighting.

Women can progress the same as men…they often progress faster than most men.

Naturally higher joint mobility, flexibility and graceful movement is an advantage in Systema: Musculature & bone structure in women is different from that of men, so in most cases women are bound to face heavier and stronger attackers. Past experiences can additionally disturb the emotions causing panic or freezing.

In return, Systema offers the freedom to discover best answers for different attacks, to learn how to deal with panic, how to fall and roll injury free, compensate lack of brute force with good movement and insight, raise awareness of surrounding situation, avoid dangerous areas…

Many of the core attributes of Systema training are often naturally displayed and picked up by women faster than men.

Women often open up and listen to their intuition faster than most men…they are often more willing to trust their feelings and listen to their internal state which is one of the most important aspects in our training.

Women will often display more patience, honesty, and humility where their personal limitations and current internal state are concerned. This is all critical in Systema training.


Systema, for women as for men, can be empowering. Training helps build confidence and alleviates the controlling grip that fear has on us. Becoming comfortable with who we are, both our strengths and weaknesses, helps us embrace our humanity, allowing for humility and compassion towards others.

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Student Feedback

”又好玩又實用既課堂,女性學習防身技巧既好去處” –

蚊玆 17歲


A fun and relaxing learning environment where you pick up useful and practical skills. Not only for self defense situations but more importantly for everyday life.

Kyna Lam 22

Having done my three workshops with various respectable instructors visiting Hong Kong, my eyes were open as to what “bodies” can achieve if given half a chance and patience. Particularly, the fear factor is noticeably reduced, courage emerges and the sense of humility is enhanced.

All these came without much of a physical effort, but just through mental immersion into the theories and physical participation at one’s own space. The practical side of the training, such as in self-defence and personal reflex improvement, are valuable survival tools in life.

All in all, I find this type of training missing in our society, especially among young people who need something much more wholesome than mind-toxicating computer games, concerts, etc. They have a much better chance to turn into a solid “piece of goods” fit for the planet if they make forays into training such as Systema. I only wish that I discovered this training a couple of decades earlier! I would recommend this training to everyone I truly care for.

Vicky Wong 59


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