Does your training knife make you feel like you’re playing with a toy?

Systema Hong Kong is proud to introduce its new ZS training knife that it will improve your training experience in many ways:


A firm rubber handle helps maintain a tight yet relaxed grip that is more comfortable that a hard plastic or cord-laced handle

2015-09-14 18.31.38

Balanced weight makes for realistic handling and training

2015-09-17 19.41.00

The body reacts very differently when it is in contact with metal rather than plastic. The ZS training knife will help you take the realism of your training even further with its galvanized steel dulled blade:

2015-09-14 18.31.13Defending against a knife is one of the scariest, most dangerous and potentially one of the most deadly scenarios someone may have to face. Given these facts, accurate training closest to reality may save your life.

The ZS is still available, for a limited time, at the  low pre-sale price of

HKD $250 (USD $33) shipping included


ZS Knife Class Packs:

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Do you have a Systema Group or School, are you and others interested in buying training knives? Get together and take advantage of our ZS Class packs, the more you order, the cheaper they are:

Class Pack 10

10 ZS knives for the low pre-sale price of HKD $2500 (USD $325 or $22/Knife)

Shipping includedOrder here

Class Pack 20

20 Zs knives for the low pre-sale price of HKD $3800

(USD $490 or $19.50/Knife) Shipping includedOrder here

Take advantage of these lower prices and make sure you have top training material

The ZS training knife…because training with plastic just doesn’t cut it !!!