In class, tonight, a student was accelerating and at the end of class, the question came up as to why training slowly is so important.

I like to find analogies in everyday life to bring the point across and I found a particularly good one tonight:

Suppose you’re in a car and speeding down the street…You’re focused on your speed, paying attention to the road as you’re going fast. You will not be able look at the street in detail to see, for example what shops line that street.

You may see a few, but most probably not all of them.

Take a walk down that very same street: you’ll see the shops, the people, the graffiti, rubbish bins and a slew of details that you would not be able to see otherwise.

The next time you speed down that street in your car, you still won’t see all the places you saw as you walked…but you’ll know they are there should you ever need them.

Train slow and you’ll see all the details you need…and when you work fast, you’ll know they are there, should you ever need them.