Hong Kong students face high pressure from homework and examinations, high scores in school are the top priority for students and this causes high stress.

This constant focusing on academic studies all day causes great fatigue for students as they also have to prepare late into the night and hardly get any sleep. As a result, they grow tired and are less efficient in their studies, learning and understanding becomes increasingly difficult so that many simply memorize information that is hard to absorb or to understand. This exhaustion makes them less resistant to illnesses and causes stress-related psychical problems.

This pressure problem is especially bad, even among sixth formers who need to undergo public examinations, but also among other form students. For them and for their parents, exams are the key to success. Failure causes loss of confidence and shame.

Many teenagers don’t know how to relax and lack the self-confidence to overcome these obstacles. In the absence of proper care and guidance, some students feel that drugs, hanging out with the wrong people or worse, suicide are the only ways out…

And this does not happen only with students sitting at public exams: this trend can also be found at the primary school level. Systema offers its students a clean smart way to balance it all while getting exercise and managing stress.

An Outlet for Frustrations:

When these stressful and frustrating situations accumulate, one can be subjected to stress or experience low-grade anger.

Systema, like other high-energy forms of exercise such as boxing or martial arts provide an effective release from this negativity and helps convert these otherwise potentially unhealthy emotions into motivation for increased health and well-being.

Our students learn to see and embrace such things as panic, fear, confusion, feelings of clumsiness and stupidity, not as mere failures but also as successful opportunities to explore what is truly important at that very moment.

They learn not to feel sorry for themselves. Through the practice of Systema, they learn to see, to identify their weaknesses and face and deal with them which, in turn makes them stronger and more solid. They gain confidence by learning to see anger and irritation for what they really are.


Social Support:

Because exercise and physical activity can often involve others, a double dose of stress-relief with the combined benefits of exercise and fun with friends can thus be enjoyed.

In a Systema class, students learn within friendly people which often become like an extended family who not so much learn things as much as experience them.

Systema students come to realize what the best possible settings for them are in order to realize as much about themselves as you are able to handle at any given moment.



Increased Health:

It works both ways: stress can cause illness but illness can also cause stress…Along with physical pain, missed activities, feelings of isolation and other costs attached to it.

Improving your overall health and longevity with exercise will also save you a great deal of stress in both the short and long runs, whether by increasing your immunity to colds, flu and other minor illnesses or by helping you remain healthier longer, and further enjoying life thanks to this.



Resilience to Stress:

Physical activity may be linked to lower physiological reactions toward stress. In other words, those who exercise more can become less affected by the stresses they have to contend with. So, on top of all the other benefits, Systema may provide some immunity not only toward future stress but also as a way to cope with current stress.

Systema provides its students with the chance to get away from their problems and helps them get into a relaxed state.

Well-tuned Systema practice helps let off steam, it changes personality. Students become less tense, less nervous, less angry & irritable and quicker to smile and laugh.