WARNING: this video contains graphic scenes and is posted strictly for educational purposes – namely to prevent such a disaster from occurring again.

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The stabbing victim in this video passed away as a result of this attack

In light of the recent knife attacks in Kowloon, I have come to realize that knife training should be as unpleasant as possible.

Disarms, fancy moves and technique are all well and good but the first reaction should undoubtedly come from the body.

Knives are meant to be felt, not seen. As such, as soon as the body feels that something is prodding it, it should react before the eyes began analyzing what’s going on. Some of this training was done with eyes closed and done this way for precisely that purpose: if the knife is in your back, you won’t see it.

When you work with your partner, stab hard. These drills should not leave a doubt in your mind that in the hopefully unlikely event that you have to defend, it will not be nice and you will get hurt. Being nice to your partner doesn’t help them.