About our school

What is Systema Hong Kong?

Founded in 2010, Systema Hong Kong is HK’s first Systema training school established in Hong Kong.

It is the result of the evolution and growth of a few members of past existing self-study groups who wanted to take Systema beyond what it was and help more people enjoy the health and confidence benefits brought by Systema.

Just what exactly is Systema?

Derived from a 1000-year-old Cossack fighting technique, Systema, as it was taught to us, was designed for the Red Army. There they have no time to waste.

Systema dispenses with fancy uniforms and colourful belts.

Systema is based on a person’s natural movements, his reactions to unpredictable circumstances. Most of these reactions come from the inborn defensive instincts. In a street fight no two situations are ever the same, thus it is impossible to prepare you and memorize all variations of techniques.

This way, it is a lot more practical and effective to become consciously aware of your natural moves.

To understand them, and use them as a basis for further work and to “teach your body to think”

What does Systema cover ?

Systema covers strikes, grabs, ground fighting, multiple attackers, mass fighting, conventional & unconventional weapons and body guarding applications. It is unlike any other “Traditional” martial art.

What is your school like?

Many of us took a liking to Systema for multiple reasons: to get away from daily stress, to empower ourselves and to challenge our limits. As such, we look to make our school environment dynamic, refreshing, fun, positive and safe for everyone and we do it for those same reasons: so that we can in turn transmit these benefits we have gained from the practice of Systema over to you.

What Systema School or group are you affiliated with?

The only group we are affiliated with is our students.

Our students are the ones who allow us to pursue the dream and aspiration of bringing Systema to Hong Kong. Hence, they are our priority.

We neither have the time or energy, nor do we see the usefulness in concerning ourselves or being involved in politics at large.

We don’t need to name-drop big names to substantiate our teaching: Systema is one of those few places where it’s not about who you know, but what you know.

It is quite simple: Our job is to give you and every client the best possible service.

As clients of major Systema schools: they are responsible to provide us with the best possible service – which we in turn can pass on to you.

Systema is based on individuality: The first person that matters is you: how you train, how you apply teachings and how you integrate them into yourself.

What is your training like?

Our training methods are very different from the traditional martial arts approach: Instead of learning repeated, memorized, choreographed moves for years, you will be training in a free situation and challenged to create your own way of problem solving in executing various conditioning & drills.

Everyone is different so our training is based on simplicity and on adding to what you already know and do in everyday life. This way, you can immediately apply the principles learned in class into various applications.

Making sure you get a great learning experience, that you can protect both your loved ones and yourself and go home at the end of the day is what matters to us so our environment strives to be fun, positive and safe.

We have a dynamic and refreshing approach to learning, self defence and the importance of protecting your loved ones and yourself. We seek to educate and provide knowledge that is practical in everyday life.

There are no beginners vs. advanced classes. Our atmosphere is open, friendly and highly productive. Our training is designed so that everyone receives extremely beneficial practice and achieves quick results.

Our training isn’t for competition and we have no belts or rehearsed choreographed dances that might somehow save you. Our drills are tried, tested and true.

Our techniques are modern and applicable to every possible scenario: Stuck in the MTR and someone is out of control? Minding your own business in a crowded bar when thugs jump you? No problem.

We will help you develop the skill set necessary to protect yourself, your friends and your loved ones. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will immediately see the benefits and how you can utilize this martial art to your advantage.

I’m a woman, is Systema right for me?

Not only is Systema right, it is ideal.

As we always say: The best way to learn to defend against men is to train with them!

We explore the topic further in our “Women and Systema” topic. Just click on the link.

How old do I have to be to train?

The minimum age to train is 16. We can train students as young as 14 however we require parental approval. Contact us in such cases.

Systema is great for students looking to manage their study stress. Find out more here.

How many people are in a class?

The average class size varies between 8 to 15 people.

We believe that decent training requires more attention and real interpersonal interaction.

In a focused group like this, safety can be better maintained and we can ensure each participant to learn in the most optimal way.

By coming here, you may never want to go back to those overcrowded dojos out there.

What do I need to wear?

We don’t wear uniforms. You can wear sweatpants, t-shirts, some students favor military fatigues but the key word is comfort. We do have a school t-shirt: wearing it is not mandatory but we’ll be happy if you wear it outside and spread the word.

How long is a class?

To ensure individual approach and efficient learning, and lasts 1:30. Saturday afternoon’s class lasts 2h.

But I’ve never done Martial arts before…

You don’t have a martial arts background? Welcome aboard.

You have previous martial arts experience? Welcome aboard too!

To put it very simply: We welcome everyone whether you’ve never been in martial arts before, whether you’re young or old and regardless of where you’re from.

Systema has no beginners or advanced classes. We do have a fundamentals series of classes for those who want to get started right but following this, you go into regular classes and will benefit from the free-flow of knowledge and from the open, friendly and highly productive atmosphere.

Is Systema better than [insert the martial arts of your choice here]?

Martial arts are a personal choice.

No martial art is better than another, like training it is what you put in it that is important.

We are not looking to compete with other martial arts nor say that we are better or worse.

If you find joy the martial art you currently practice, by all means continue your practice and be happy. If we can bring you joy with what we teach, all the better.

Better or worse is irrelevant, it is your happiness in training that matters.

How long do I have to train to be good?

Training in Systema is like training in anything else: yes, our drills can be used immediately and are easy to learn, but to become good is like with anything else… If you expect to be playing like Jimi Hendrix two weeks after picking up a guitar, you are deluding yourself.

Training gives you what you put in it: train regularly and your skills will grow.